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As of now, this journal is friends only - comment to be considered.

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As of January 1st, 2007 this journal and its contents are copyrighted by the journal’s owner. By friending this journal, you are acknowledging that everything posted in it/to it is the property of the journal’s owner and agree to keep it as private or public as the owner’s filter(s) indicate. The owner of this journal does not wish entries of this journal or comments to those entries to be published elsewhere, without the specific permission of each individual involved in each specific entry. Individual comments to this journal are protected by the journal owner’s copyright and any usage of entries and/or comments to this journal are in violation of the owner’s copyright. By adding yourself to/remaining on this journal owner’s ‘friends list’ you are agreeing to the conditions herein and you agree to keep all communications on this journal as private as the owner’s entry/filter indicates.
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The end of summer/beginning of school year is always a busy time for me, and preparing for it has made me realize just what an overloaded year that I have ahead of me. Anything cleaning, organizing and stupid time saving devices that I know of are being put into use in these last few days of summer, which leads me to this latest friends cut – I don’t have the time to necessarily read journal entries from 60+ people every day, and when I’m starting to skip over entries to read my friends page, it just doesn’t seem fair to you or me.

Long story short, I’m making a friends cut, and if you feel that you’ve been cut by mistake or would like to be added back just let me know. Otherwise, I'll be removing you from my friends list and would appreciate if you'd do the same for me, and no hard feelings either way, right?

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I’ve recently noticed that I have just a few too many people on my friends list – people I rarely talk to, or that I really just have little in common with. So I’m cutting back just a few people, not because you’ve offended me, or because I don’t like you, or because I really don’t care about what you have to say. If you think that I’ve mistakenly cut you, or you’d like to be added back, just talk to me: I’m usually a fairly reasonable person. I really just don’t have time to go through this many updates in journals that I hardly read, so no hard feelings either way, right? So if you’re on this list, if you could either talk to me or remove me from your friends list, as I’ll be removing you from mine unless I hear from you, that’d be great.

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